Offer in compromise ( OIC)

Offer in Compromise is a proposal to the IRS to settle your tax debt for less than you owe.Offer in Compromise are designed to make the strongest case possible for the IRS to accept an amount of money which in some cases is a fraction of the total amount you currently owe.

Currently not Collectable( CNC)

CNC cant be obtained when you can not afford to pay anything to the IRS and can be proven with a financial statement.

Installment agreement ( IA)

Payment plan with the IRS or state agency

Penalty Abatement (PA)

Allowing first time non complaint taxpayers to request an abatement (reducing) certain penalties.

Levy Release/Wage Garnishment Release

Get your bank levies & garnishment released and your finances back under YOUR CONTROL.

File Your Current & Un-filed Tax Returns

Prepare and file current or back taxes to get or maintain compliance with Taxing

Innocent Spouse Relief

We can help save you from unfair tax penalties.